The 5 Best Decorative Concrete Designs Used For Backyard Patios

If you’re looking for some of the best decorative concrete patio designs 2022 is your year! Traditional concrete is a surprisingly versatile choice when it comes to patio design, and aesthetic concrete applications have really brought their A-game in recent years. Here are 5 of the best decorative concrete designs for backyard patio spaces.

1. Paver Paradise

Simple concrete pavers can completely transform a space. They’re available in a variety of shapes, colors and textures which can suit almost any aesthetic. Pavers can be laid up against one another to form a solid surface, or you can go the more traditional route of leaving spaces between them, which you can fill with pea gravel, or a good ground covering plant.

2. Transition Space

A seamless transition between spaces always looks modern. This idea works best with one-story houses, allowing guests and residents to walk back and forth from the outdoor space to the indoors, generally through French doors or a similar feature. The use of concrete here provides a smooth, level transition, as well as a visual anchor for the space.

3. Concrete Blocks

While you may initially think of something more rustic when concrete blocks come up, they can actually be rather sleek if employed well in a space. Consider placing one level of your outdoor space on a concrete pad and using concrete stairs to provide access to other designated areas. You can even use concrete for furniture such as tables!

4. Spa Day

A concrete patio is a great blank canvas for a built-in pool or spa. Building these features into the space rather than leaving them floating on top of the concrete pad is also a great way to retain a clear view of your outdoor space without sacrificing privacy.

5. Cottagecore

Employing concrete pavers is a fantastic way to build a rustic and welcoming outdoor space that feels as though you’ve stepped out of a little cottage in the woods. Leaving spaces between pavers allows grass and flowers to outline your design naturally, and surrounding the space with lush plant life can give your mood a much-needed boost.

These are just a few ideas of what concrete can do for your space. Decorative concrete can really be made to fit any aesthetic, from rustic to modern, so if you’re looking for your next outdoor project, consider bringing some decorative concrete into your spaces and see the results for yourself.