Signs Your Concrete Needs Repaired

Concrete is a relatively sturdy and durable material that lasts without much need for intervention or repair. Now, that does not mean that you are not going to have some maintenance and some upkeep. Though concrete is very durable, there are some signs you need to watch for that might signify the need for repairs.

Signs Your Concrete Needs Repaired

The first and most obvious sign that your concrete needs repair is that there is cracking. Cracks signify that the concrete has expanded and contracted. Though the cracks themselves may not seem like an issue, water that gets into those cracks and freezes can then expand and push the cracks, making them larger with each passing season.

Cracks that get larger and larger can compromise the structure of the concrete and can make concrete unstable and uneven. This is the next thing you need to look for. If your concrete appears to be uneven, as if part of it has sunk and the other part has not, you may be experiencing structural issues, and you may need to have your concrete inspected.

 If you notice that your concrete is chipping, this is another issue. Chipping occurs when water seeps into the concrete and freezes. This frozen water contracts and expands and can cause what is called spalling. When this spalling happens, pieces of your concrete may chip up and flake off, which is not only unsightly, but also compromises the integrity of the concrete.

The last sign you need to watch out for is any dramatic change that is out of the ordinary. If the consistency of the concrete changes, if you see chipping and flaking, if sudden cracks appear and so on, these are all serious issues. If you notice any issues with your concrete, you should contact a professional immediately for an inspection.

Does My Concrete Need to be Repaired?

The main issue with concrete that has any type of damage is that the longer you go without making repairs, the more damage you can expect to see. Chips and cracks will get bigger and uneven surface areas will get worse. These are not issues that are going to correct themselves. If you find that you are having trouble with your concrete, it is always best to take the time to get your concrete checked and to get it repaired.

A professional is going to be able to tell you how much repair your concrete needs, help you figure out what type of repair your concrete needs, and they can help you get it done. To help minimize further damage, getting your concrete repaired when it is needed is a must. Concrete can last for decades if properly cared for and repairs are just one way to help increase and lengthen the life of your concrete and concrete surfaces.

There is a range of repairs that can be made, including filling cracks, leveling surfaces, or even resurfacing your concrete to give you a like-new surface. The repairs that are needed will vary based on the damage.