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Which Concrete Pavement Is Right for Me?

If you’re planning to pave a driveway or patio in Sanford, NC with concrete, you’ll need to specify which type of concrete you want to use for the job. There are several main types of concrete pavement most commonly used in these types of projects: JPCP (jointed plain concrete pavement) JRCP (jointed reinforced concrete pavement) […]

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The Qualities to Look for in a Concrete Contractor

Hiring a contractor isn’t just a matter of Googling “concrete contractor in Sanford, NC” and going with the first result you find. Anyone can call themselves a contractor, but that doesn’t mean they’re qualified and able to provide the results you desire. Choosing the right contractor takes some research and planning. Here’s how to find […]

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Can Stamped Concrete Increase Your Home’s Value?

Redoing your driveway, patio or other concrete surface will increase your home’s value on its own, but stamped concrete can provide an additional boost in Sanford, NC. Instead of flat, gray concrete, you can customize the pavement to look like cobblestones, stone tile and more. It’s beautiful, durable and adds a decorative flair to your […]

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