What Is Stamped Concrete?

Looking to transform your outdoor space? If you have a concrete walkway or patio, you could benefit from exploring the possibilities of stamped concrete. For years, concrete contractors have spruced up homes across the United States using this innovative design process. If you’re tired of your drab concrete outdoor space, here are some reasons to look at stamped concrete in Sanford, NC.

An overview of stamped concrete

Simply put, stamped concrete is a pattern or design that is literally stamped into the surface of your concrete. Stamped concrete comes in two primary varieties: stamped concrete and stamped concrete overlays. The result of both methods may look similar, but the processes for installation differ.

In traditional stamped concrete, a new slab is poured and then decorated with a specific design before it’s allowed to dry. When you’re working with a stamped concrete overlay, a layer of decorative concrete is poured on top of an existing slab and decorated before it can dry.

Save some money

Cost is one of the most compelling reasons to choose stamped concrete in Sanford, NC compared to the alternative. Stamped concrete is much more budget friendly than pavers or natural stone. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars by the time you’re finished.

Get creative

Another undeniable benefit of stamped concrete is its diversity. Stamped concrete comes in a nearly endless array of colors and textures. What’s more, a skilled concrete contractor should be able to work up nearly any design your brain can conjure. All it takes is communication.


Stamped concrete offers comparable durability to other materials, like slate or brick. When sealed, stamped concrete is also a breeze to maintain, and even serves as a slip-resistant surface when treated. For a lower cost, concrete can last just as long as the competition.


It’s true that the sealant on your stamped concrete will eventually wear down, in much the same way as any sealed surface in or around your home. As a result, it will need to be cleaned and resealed every other year to retain its shine and durability.

Hire a pro

There are lots of chores around your home that you can handle on your own, but putting in stamped concrete isn’t one of them. Unless you have the specific training required, the smart call is to bring in a professional. A concrete contractor will have the education and, more importantly, the tools to make sure the project goes off without a hitch.

Get more information

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