When Should You Replace a Concrete Driveway vs. Repair It?

If you’re one of the countless homeowners in the Sanford area who wakes up each morning to a cracked, deteriorating driveway, you might think you’re in need of a total driveway replacement. In years past, you might have been right. However, circumstances over the last few years have changed. These days, concrete repairs are often preferable to concrete replacement in Sanford, NC. Here’s why.

What’s changed in driveway repair?

Since the mid-2000s, two significant changes have occurred that have changed the face of concrete in the United States:

  • New technology allows contractors to make repairs to your driveway involving cracks and chips that were once too large to address. These advances in concrete repair have yielded agents that are faster drying and more durable, too.
  • The growing environmental consciousness in the United States has created a body of customers searching for eco-friendly home improvement options. When concrete replacement is compared to concrete repairs in Sanford, NC, repairs emerge as the eco-friendly option.

No matter how well maintained you keep your driveway, eventually it will run out of life. The outdoor elements will take their toll, and you will need to completely replace your driveway. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for.

It’s too old

Even the best-tended concrete driveway in the world will eventually need to be replaced. When properly installed and well maintained, a concrete driveway can last up to 25 years. After that, advanced age will typically require its replacement. However, there are other issues to look out for that could require total replacement of your driveway.

Missing sections

If repeated vehicle traffic or exposure to wind and rain has left your driveway with several missing chunks, then you’re probably primed for a new driveway. This is especially troublesome when those chunks form at the edges of your driveway, because they allow water to seep underneath your concrete and further destabilize it.

Ravines in the surface

A few minor surface cracks in your driveway are easy enough for a contractor to repair. When those cracks spread more than half an inch apart, though, that typically indicates they’ve extended deep below the concrete. In these cases, complete replacement of your driveway is often the best decision.

Consistent maintenance and repair

Does your driveway continuously require maintenance and repair? Are you regularly repairing chips, minor cracks and divots? If so, you should consider consulting a professional who can replace the driveway entirely.

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