How to Know When It’s Time to Have Your Concrete Repaired

It’s never a good idea to put off concrete repairs. Small problems can quickly turn into large ones if not properly addressed. Signs of a surface that needs repairs could include cracked, crumbling or broken concrete. It’s important to watch for all these signs, as damaged concrete is dangerous—it could cause nasty falls or damage to your vehicle.

Concrete repairs are usually best left to a professional in Sanford, NC. Read on for sure signs that it’s time to have your concrete repaired.

Signs your concrete needs repairs

As mentioned above, cracks are a big sign that your driveway needs repairs. These cracks can appear in any part of your driveway and should be fixed as soon as possible. Concrete that dried too quickly upon application is a common cause of cracks. Excessive stress can cause cracks as well.

Another sign that your concrete needs repairs is uneven surfaces. This usually signals an issue with its foundation, and is sometimes difficult to repair.

Other common signs it’s time to repair your concrete driveway in Sanford, NC include crumbling and broken concrete. Pooling water on your concrete surface might also signal an issue. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s best to contact a professional for repairs right away.

Repairing your concrete

Most of the time, it’s best to contact a professional concrete contractor when you notice cracking, crumbling or other issues. However, there are small problems that you can sometimes fix on your own. For example, you may be able to address smaller cracks with a bit of caulk or some other filler product. Even if you’re only fixing a small crack, though, it’s usually best to get advice from a professional.

Contacting a concrete repair service in your area is always the best way of fixing your surfaces. Big concrete issues often require specialized equipment and materials to address. Purchasing all these materials may end up costing more than hiring a concrete contractor. One of the best things about hiring a professional concrete contractor is that they can provide advice on concrete care and maintenance.

Proper concrete maintenance

Taking proper care of your concrete could help prevent damage down the line. This includes avoiding storing heavy objects on your concrete. Heavy vehicles and equipment can cause concrete to weaken much more quickly. If you own a heavy vehicle, consider finding a storage facility that can house it.

It’s always a good idea to cover your concrete in a layer of sealant, as this will help prevent weather damage. You could apply sealant on your own, but for the best quality work and materials, you’ll probably want to hire a professional for this job.

Other great ways of maintaining your concrete include keeping it clean and avoiding certain materials. Materials you should keep away from your concrete include fertilizer, certain deicers and more.

If you’ve noticed issues with your concrete, don’t wait any longer. Contact the professionals at Maddox Concrete, LLC for help with all your concrete repair needs in Sanford, NC.