What to Know About Expanding Your Driveway

Sometimes, the driveway that came with your house just isn’t quite large enough for your needs. Whether it’s because it was installed before vehicles started getting bigger and wider or because your needs have changed over the years or for any other reason, it might be time to consider the possibilities expanding your driveway would present.

However, those considering driveway extensions should know a few things about the process before starting this type of project. Whether you’re considering a DIY approach to expanding your driveway or you’re looking to hire a professional to ensure the job’s done right, here are some things to know about expanding your driveway.

Know the codes

The most important thing to do in a driveway extension project comes before even one tool is brought out. Before starting the project, you need to make sure it is allowed under your city’s municipal code. Basically, you need to make sure it’s legal before spending the money to install it. Also, make sure to get the proper permits with the city, and keep everything within regulation regarding sizing of the driveway. Finally, consider any homeowners association (HOA) rules and regulations regarding driveways before starting your project.

Watch out for obstacles

If there are obstacles in the way of your driveway expansion, you will either need to work around them or remove them. This can be easier said than done—especially if there is landscaping or a tree involved. This is another step in the process that needs to be done before even one tool is brought out to start working.

Use expansion joints

If your existing driveway had some cracks in it, consider it a lesson in what to avoid with a concrete driveway. You can help avoid cracks in your new driveway extension by installing expansion joints in the new section. This will help stop moisture from getting in under the concrete pads, which could make them sink or heave. This will let the concrete “breathe” as needed with the temperature and humidity changes throughout the seasons and help avoid cracking under stress.

Research the needed materials

When looking at a driveway and considering a driveway extension, you may think you have an idea of how much concrete will be needed for the job. But odds are you will need even more than that—possibly even much more than you think. Without a mixing truck, you may find yourself with concrete setting before you’re ready, and that can spell disaster for a DIY job like this.

In addition to concrete, you will need rebar or a similar type of reinforcement inside the concrete. This type of job will require more than one person, and experience is extremely helpful here.

Hire a professional

When you are considering expanding your driveway, a professional can have the job done in a matter of days, leaving you with a smooth, long-lasting driveway extension that you didn’t have to break your own back over. When you’re ready to expand your driveway, contact Maddox Concrete, LLC today.