Ways to Increase Your Concrete’s Curb Appeal

Changing up the look of your outdoor concrete surfaces is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. Not many people realize there’s so much you can do with concrete. Concrete contractors can create amazing patterns and textures for almost any concrete surface. The right concrete surface design will easily make your home stand out from all the rest. Read on for plenty of ideas on using concrete to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Add a fun pattern

If you’re looking to make a plain concrete surface all your own, consider an amazing pattern or design. Specialists could easily etch a unique design into your concrete surface. Popular design patterns include circles, squares and rectangles. You could also go with less common pattern shapes like hexagons or irregular circles. Some people even choose to mix up patterns for a completely unique look.

Don’t skip color

Just because you invest in a concrete surface doesn’t mean you have to stick with the classic gray color scheme. There are actually many options when it comes to coloring concrete. You can go with a brick-like pattern and color scheme to give your driveway a rustic look. Some people prefer to go with multiple colors for a fun and extravagant appearance. You can easily find a color scheme for your concrete that works well with the surrounding landscape.

Show off the aggregate

The aggregate is what makes up most of a concrete mixture’s volume. This could include sand, stones and more. While many people choose to cover their aggregate with a cement paste, you can easily create a unique design by exposing the aggregate. To do this, you could scrub away the top layer of cement by using a chemical surface retarder. However, it’s usually best to have a professional handle this job you.

There are many ways to incorporate your concrete’s aggregate into other designs. Many people choose to mix their aggregate with colorful materials, like seashells.

Consider a natural look

Incorporating a natural look into your home can provide a sense of relaxation. You could also do this with your concrete surface by using stamped concrete to make your surface resemble wood. Concrete surfaces with a wooden look go well with most landscapes. They also work great for decks and patios, as these surfaces are much stronger and more durable than actual wood.

Go with an elegant stone texture

Stamped concrete can also be used to create a stone-like look on concrete surfaces. Stone looks great on driveways and patios. While actual stone is quite popular, it’s much more expensive than concrete. If you’re looking to save some money while still getting an elegant-looking driveway, consider a stone texture for your concrete.

Increasing your home’s curb appeal is easy with a well-designed concrete surface. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable company that has years of experience in designing and installing concrete surfaces. Reach out to Maddox Concrete, LLC today for all your concrete installation and repair needs.