How To Clean Decorative Concrete

Stamped, decorative, and resurfaced concrete is a beautiful option for your home or business. The classy, refined look of decorative concrete makes any home or business look its best. However, this entails keeping up with routine maintenance of this decorative concrete design. 

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to learn how to clean decorative concrete. With a little knowledge, effort, and a few basic tools, you will soon be able to give someone else tips on cleaning decorative concrete. Here are a few basic things about how to keep your concrete looking its very best. 

Cleaning Decorative Concrete

Much of keeping decorative concrete clean depends on the amount of traffic and outside influences on your flooring. If you have stamped concrete outside in your yard or even your driveway, it can take a bit more effort than having the same materials inside your home. Wind, dust, dirt, and car traffic in your driveway can add to the level of dirtiness that you’ll need to deal with. 

For outside cleaning, a simple broom or dust mop will usually do the trick to rid your concrete of most dirty materials that have built up on it. Once you’ve done detailed sweeping or using a push broom, hose down your stamped concrete. Take your time and give it a thorough washing. One can even add a small amount of liquid dish soap to particularly dirty areas or any spots that have appeared.

Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the soap with your garden hose. Some people prefer to use a pressure washer on their stamped concrete. This does a good job but just use caution. You don’t want to use so much pressure that it takes any of the stamped concrete’s seal. A very high-pressure washer could even damage the concrete. Always exercise caution or hire a professional pressure washing company to do the job right.

For indoor stamped, decorative concrete, the cleaning, and upkeep processes are even easier. Without the outside elements of rain, snow, dirt, and dust build-up, your interior areas should be far easier to maintain and keep clean. It starts with cleaning spills as they happen. Daily or weekly sweeping or vacuuming is also helpful. This type of flooring is durable by nature, and when it’s sealed for protection, it makes minor cleaning that much easier.

Decorative concrete is a wonderful option for your home’s interior and exterior areas. With simple, routine maintenance and cleaning, it’s desirable flooring and yard material to enjoy on your property or at your place of business.