The Process of Laying Concrete

It is one of the strongest, most versatile, and most used forms of construction, and the quality of concrete and laying techniques has only improved over the years. From the process of pouring concrete to materials and methods, concrete serves many purposes today.

If you are wondering how do you lay concrete or more about the process of pouring concrete, here are the basics. Like many trades, there is a vast difference between knowing how something works and having the ability, training, or experience to do it. 

How Do You Lay Concrete

The process of pouring concrete follows the same basic steps for almost every job. These are the typical steps involved in the basic concrete job.

Ground Preparation

Before starting any concrete job, it is necessary to do the groundwork, literally. In the case of pouring concrete, that can include grading, leveling, and clearing. In larger concrete projects, this typically demands the use of heavy equipment.

Form Setting

The specifications, quality, and construction of the forms depend strictly on the variables of each concrete job. Forms are the borders used to shape and mold concrete. The forms should also border the entire concrete area.

Pour and Spreading Process

As the concrete is poured, professional spreaders help feed the flow and direct the concrete to where it needs to go. They also work to eliminate air pockets and simplify the work of finishers.


Despite its name and the name of the trade, concrete finishers, there is one more step that follows the work of the finishers. There are also often several steps to the finishing process and techniques, like the use of a finishing broom or sealants.

These steps are sometimes called pre-finishing or early finishing steps. If you have ever noticed uniform seams, design work, or perfectly smooth edges, you can thank concrete finishers.


The final step in the process of pouring concrete is the curing step. This is essentially allowing the concrete the necessary time to finish the process of setting up. Generally, concrete is ready for use (not finished curing) within a week, but it takes about 28 days to fully complete the process of curing.

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