The Process of Staining Concrete

Concrete staining can provide a decorative look that is easy to maintain. At Maddox Concrete, LLC, we are the concrete contractors that you can count on throughout Sanford, NC, and beyond.

Understanding the process of concrete staining will allow you to understand what needs to be done — and why it’s critical to work with knowledgeable and experienced contractors.

Choose a Stain

There are a variety of different stains on the market — and each is capable of creating a different effect. We’ll take the time to work with you on the options based on the color and effect you want to achieve.

We’ll show you how it’s possible to add color to a dull, boring surface.

Both acid and water-based stains are available. We use only the top stains and ensure that they will get the level of reaction needed to provide vibrant results on your concrete flooring.

Prepare the Surface

The concrete surface has to be carefully prepared, including addressing cracks and chips. It’s also important to note that if you have just had concrete poured, it needs to cure for at least four weeks.

Any existing sealer will be removed before we apply the stain. We can also use a degreaser and neutralizer if there are oil spots or other stains on the concrete before applying the stain.

Once the surface is fully prepped using a concrete etch, we are prepared to stain. The biggest part of the preparation is to ensure that the concrete is porous enough to accept whatever stain we use.

Apply the Stain

The application of the stain will vary slightly depending on whether we’re using an acid or water-based option. Additionally, if there are small areas, we may switch from an airless paint sprayer to a brush or paint roller to ensure we get into all of the nooks and crannies.

We spray with an overlapping style to ensure that the concrete is fully penetrated with the stain.

We allow the reactions to take place on the concrete and clean any residue so that it doesn’t impact the final color. Depending on the color, we will apply a second and possibly even a third coat of the stain.

Once the stain has been fully applied, we rinse with water and ensure that all residue has been eliminated.

Apply the Sealer

We apply the sealer — and this is a step that is commonly skipped during DIY projects. A sealant will help protect the stained concrete and repel dirt.

There are different levels of gloss on the sealer, so we’ll discuss the look you want to achieve — and apply the right sealer.

It often takes about two days for the sealer to fully harden. Additionally, it is possible to use a polish that will reduce scuffing and slipping.

Learn About Various Maintenance Tips

At Maddox, we want to ensure that you enjoy the stained concrete for years to come. Before our contractors leave, we’ll go over the various ways to maintain your flooring.

This includes learning how to clean the concrete and the dos and don’ts of using various cleaning chemicals on the surface.