Benefits of Decorative Concrete for Your Home

Concrete doesn’t have to be dull and boring—especially not when it’s a part of your home. Decorative concrete offers many aesthetic options and benefits. Why not get the exact look you want for less than you’d pay for tile or stone?

If you want to truly enjoy the way your pathways, patios and floors look, decorative concrete is a great choice. Read on to discover the benefits of decorative concrete.

What is decorative concrete?

Decorative concrete is made the same as traditional concrete. The key difference is that it can be dyed, stained, textured or stamped to create truly beautiful visual effects. In fact, your guests may not even be able to tell it’s concrete.

It lasts about the same amount of time as regular concrete, especially if you maintain it well. Plus, it can be used both indoors and out for a pleasing effect.

Home decorative concrete benefits

Why are more homeowners turning to this option? Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Choose your design and color: Decorative concrete is either textured or stamped to create three-dimensional effects. You can keep it smooth or add grooves, patterns, stencils or engravings. If you decide to stamp the concrete, it can mimic the look of brick, stone, cobblestones, shells, fossils and other designs. Plus, you can dye it or stain it to get the exact color and style you prefer.
  • Damage resistant: Concrete stands up well to heavy foot and car traffic—indoors and out. You’ll love how it resists scuffs, scratches and chipping, unlike fragile materials like tile and wood. If you’ve got kids and pets, you’ll love how damage-resistant decorative concrete is.
  • Easy to maintain: In addition to resisting damage, concrete is also easy to maintain. Simply mop your concrete surface to keep it clean. If you’re cleaning an indoor floor, wax it once per year. If your decorative concrete is outside, reseal it every four or five years.
  • Helps keep the house cool: Concrete is a great material to keep your home cool in the summer. It remains cool to the touch, even when it’s exposed to heat. (Go ahead, sprawl out on the floor with your pets! There’s a reason they’re hanging out on the concrete floor.) It may even help save on your air-conditioning bills.
  • Versatile: Since you can use decorative concrete indoors and out, there’s virtually no end to the designs you can accomplish. In addition to floors, patios and walkways, you can also use it for retaining walls, driveways and more.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Concrete is already an environmentally-friendly choice, but it’s even better than you think. Since most homes already have concrete subfloors, your decorative concrete contractors can work with what you’ve got. They will need only minimal new concrete to achieve your goals.
  • Improve your indoor air quality: Finally, if you suffer from allergies, concrete floors are great. They won’t trap pet dander, dust, pollen, mold and other allergens like carpet does.

Now that you know how your home can benefit from decorative concrete, call Maddox Concrete, LLC to get started.